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Our Features & Services

Your online provider for Tax Maps and Property Data for New Jersey, New York, Pennslyvania.
Coming soon Florida, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island.

  • Available Map Types

    • Tax Maps
    • Zoning Maps
    • Index Maps
    • Flood Maps
    • Satellite & GIS Overlays

    NJTaxMaps.com System

    Our interactive viewer allows you to 'walk' the map by clicking property icons displayed on the map and having the owner information automatically appear.

    Full pan, center and zoom capabilities.
    Tax Maps are geocoded to the block & lot level, subject property is zoomed and centered on the map.
    Identify improved from unimproved properties.
    High quality map download and printing available.

  • Available Datasets

    • Tax and Assessment Data
    • Sales Data
    • Deed Information and History
  • Powerful Assessment Data Search Filters

    Use powerful search filters to quickly find your target property. Search by owner name, address, block, lot, sales date, sales price, deed data, property code, town, acreage and more...

    The current Tax Roll Data / Assessment Data is cross-referenced to the maps.
    Instant access to the most current property data available.
    Obtain detailed property information in moments.
    Fast data retrieval.
    Search by numerous search criteria.
    Tag and select records for all your reporting needs.

  • Reports and Mailing Lists

    Generate detailed property reports, mapping reports and mailing labels in seconds - all in digital PDF, Word and Excel format.
    Use the Excel option to export the report data for integration into your own custom applications or mailing programs.
    Reports can be printed on the search results, selected properties or properties currently in the display area of the current map.

    Available Report Types

    • All standard Avery Mailing Labels
    • Property Listing Reports
    • Standard Detailed Property Reports
    • Detailed Property Reports with Deed History
    • Full or Partial Mapping Reports
  • Custom Data Integration

    Give your users the system they require. Integrate your data into our system, your users can search and display your data alongside the many datasets and map types already available.
    Many companies are recognizing the need to leverage critical information across groups, departments and divisions within their organization. In addition, there is currently a strong push to move critical applications to a web-based platform.
    If you would like to see your organizations data made available to your users through the our solution, contact us at (732) 927 4090 to talk to an expert.

  • Web Service

    Want to integrate our Data and Tax Maps on your website?
    NJTaxMaps.com allows you to access the tax maps and assessment data from our server and include it on your website.

    How does it work?

    This service, like most web services, requires that you have access to a programming language on your web server, such as .NET.
    Our engineers would then provide you with a userid id and password along with documentation and examples of how to access the maps and data via the web service.
    Call us at (732) 927 4090 for pricing and availability.

The NJTaxMaps.com Difference

What we do

Affordable Pricing

NJTaxMaps.com is very affordable and our pricing is designed to meet the needs of any size budget. There is NO software to purchase and NO expensive hardware to maintain.

Future Proof

NJTaxMaps.com is a fully web-based Mapping and Tax Assessment Data Package. Allowing you to search the data from virtually anywhere - from any web-enabled PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

Ease of Use

NJTaxMaps.com was designed with the user in mind, is user-friendly and easy to learn.

Daily Data Updates

The Assessment data is updated daily or weekly for most counties, all counties are updated at least once per month. Maps are updated contiually throughout the year.

Free Customer Support

NJTaxMaps.com takes pride in its customer service and support. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly. We are always happy to answer your call.

Unprecedented Functionality

NJTaxMaps.com is fully integrated with Google Maps, allowing us to overlay the assessment data onto the Google Map. This allows the user to interactivly walk the map, selecting data via the map.

Interactive Map

Show Properties on Map

View properties on Google maps, distinguish between Improved and Unimproved properties

Walk the map

Each icon is an interactive link, loading the current assessment record for the selected property

Don't have an address

Viewing the interctive map allows you to locate a tax record even whe you don't have any information on the property

Multiple map layers

All Google map layers are available, Satellite, Normal or Hybrid. Fema Flood layers are also available to overlay


Your clients are expecting more – we can make it easy for you to deliver.

Try a randomly selected demo county to know how & what we are serving our clients.

Coverage & Data Updates

NJTaxMaps.com Pricing


Package Pricing
Packages Available 12 Months
Delaware Statewide (all counties)** $695
Florida Statewide (all counties)** $995
Maryland Statewide (all counties)** $995
New Jersey Statewide (all counties) $995
New York 1 (NYC 5 boroughs, Nassau & Suffolk) $995
New York 2 (all counties except New York 1) $995
Pennsylvania (12 counties) $995
Rhode Island Statewide (all counties)** $695
** - This package coming soon
Individual County
1 County for 12 months $395
1 County for 1 Month - restricted to 5 map and property PDF reports $45

Receive a 25% discount when subscribing to multiple packages.
For example, purchase New Jersey and a New York package for only $1,492.50
All annual subscriptions inlcude unlimited access to the subscribed counties for 1 year.
Subscription pricing is per user. Multiple users will require multiple subscriptions. Additional users receive a 50% discount on subscriptions.


What are Tax Maps?
Tax maps, also known as assessment maps, property maps or parcel maps, are a graphic representation of real property showing and defining individual property boundaries in relationship to contiguous real property. The primary purpose of these maps is to help State tax assessors locate properties for assessments and taxation purposes. Tax maps are also used by federal, State and local government agencies as well as private sector firms for a variety of analyses and decision making processes.
How often do you update your data and / or tax maps?
Our sales data is updated weekly in many counties, monthly in all counties. The state releases a new listing of all properties in the state once per year. Some counties release a second file half way through the year also. To keep our data current, we go to every county once per month and make a copy of all deeds recorded that month. This keeps our owner names etc. current and provides valuable sales and deed information. We currently have about 99% of all tax maps for the entire state of New Jersey. We update our maps on an ongoing basis as we become aware of new developments and subdivisions. After the scanned tax map image has been acquired, we individually geo-code each tax map to the lot level.
Do you clean up your data for mailing labels?
Yes, we offer the option to clean up the owner names in our mailing lists. The Owner Names are being displayed in First Name - Last Name Order (i.e. Jean Smith instead of Smith, Jean) to increase your mailing impact. The State releases data using the format Last name, First names. When we run our cleanup routine on the data, we look for the comma. Since over 90% of records are formatted this way, it’s a clean solution. And since the bulk of the remaining 10% are usually commercial, this seems acceptable. If you have a specific property you would like us to look at, please send us the details and we will be happy to see if there is anything further we can do.
My search query doesn’t return any results, what do I do?
It is not necessary to enter the full name, address, lot and block of a property. The best way to execute a search is to enter ‘Owner’s last name’ and pick a ‘Town’ from the drop down menu. You can then refine your search using other search criteria such as address, sales price, etc. When searching by street address, try entering only the street name such as ‘Broad’ instead of ‘Broad Street’, ‘Hamilton’ instead of ‘Hamilton Avenue’ as entry formats vary from town to town (i.e. ‘Broad Street’ may be recorded as ‘Broad Street’ or ‘Broad St.’ in some municipalities).
Are Zoning Maps and Index Maps available on the system?
Yes, we offer zoning and index maps for all properties in New Jersey. Other states vary from county to county. To view a Zoning Map please execute a search, select your subject property from the list and click the Maps tab in the top menu. Simply click on the Zoning button to view the high-resolution zoning map in PDF format. Please keep in mind – these maps are very large in file size, it may take a minute or two (depending on your connection speed) before the PDF is displayed. To view an Index Map please execute a search, select your subject property from the list and click the Maps tab in the top menu. Now select INDEX from the “Town Maps” dropdown and click the View button. The high-resolution index map will be displayed in a separate window.
Can I view Street Layers or Satellite Maps on your system?
Yes, NJTaxMaps.com is fully integrated with Google Maps to overlay the assessment data onto the Google Map. This not only shows you each property on the map, but will allow you to "Walk the map", selecting properties via the map to access the assessment information.
Why can I not change the county in the Free Demo system?
The Free Demo account is intended to show you the functionality available in our system. What you see here applies to ALL counties provided after signing up. You can see what type of data is available, how the system works and the high quality of the maps provided. The Demo system randomly selects a county for you to experience. If you do not know any properties in the county for testing, simply select any town in the towns list and click search. This will show you the first records in that town and from there, you can view property details, print tax and zoning maps or generate reports.
What does "We have 1 record for each lot only" mean?
For most properties, this means very little. However, if a property contains many apartments, the individual owners of these apartments will NOT be available in our system. We have the assessment and ownership information for each building or lot.



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